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Rocky Mountain Show Jumping would like to thank all competitors and sponsors that joined us for our 2016 season! We value your attendance and strive to ensure everyone attending has a good show. Good luck and see you at Royal West :)


Royal West is now available for online entry! Entries close Sept 14th.


Bio-security Requirements    To decrease the risk of contagious or infectious disease, RMSJ has implemented  Required Bio-Security Measures for all horses competing at our 2016 outdoor tournaments.  To learn more about these requirements & guidelines, please go to:


Don't forget .................Due to satellite internet service in the area that can drop signal strength we will stick to times below with the possibility of 1/2hr sooner. Showgrounds emailed times are wrong more offten than not. Please be careful.



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2016 ROCKY MOUNTAIN CLASSIC III – Sunday – August 21st






Order of go on

7:30 – 7:45am  4Yr Old & 5Yr Old Hack


8:00am Start


Final Qualifier for Finals at ROYAL WEST

702            4 Year Old 0.90m - 1.00m

703            5 Year Old 1.00m - 1.10m

706            6 Year Old 1.15m - 1.20m

707            7 Year Old 1.20m - 1.25m


9:15am Start

Final Qualifier Before Finals @ Royal West

323          ABSJ Jr/Am 1.10m Medal

**PRIZES To Top 3 Riders**

12:20pm Start 

523            $300 1.20m Jumper (A2.1)

1:20pm Start

526            $300 1.20m Jr/Am (A2.1)

2:30pm Start

640            $10,000 1.40m Grand Prix
                  EC National Competition

*Order Sign up on line*


8:00am Start

653     $500 JUMP ALBERTA
                  1.00m Mini Prix

9:45am Start

654     $1,000 JUMP ALBERTA
                  1.10m Mini Prix

11:10am Start 

655   $1,000 JUMP ALBERTA

                1.15m Mini Prix

  *Order Sign up on line*  


462            $100 Pony Jumper (MTC)

463            $250 Pony Jumper Stake

9:45am Start

337            HORSELIFE 0.70m
                  Medal Finals

10:10am Start

651            $500 JUMP ALBERTA
                  0.70m Mini Prix

11:00am Start

425            $100 Schooling 0.80m (A2.2)

426            $100 Schooling 0.80m (MTC)

12:30pm Start

336            HORSELIFE 0.90m
                  Medal Finals

1:00pm Start

652            $500 JUMP ALBERTA
                  0.90m Mini Prix


10:00am Start

71              3’6” Jr Working Hunter u/s

70              3’6” Jr Working Htr Stake

10:25am Start

325         “A” Equitation Flat

327          “B” Equitation Flat

329         “C” Equitation Flat

79              3’0” Children’s Hunter u/s

75              3’0” Adult Hunter u/s

78              3’0” Children’s Stake

74              3’0” Adult Am Stake

12:00pm Start

335            $500 GREENHAWK
                  Ch/Ad Classic Finals

                  Top 12 Return for 2nd Rd

1:00pm Start

332            GREENHAWK Adult
                  Medal Finals

1:45pm Start

83              Pony Hunter u/s

121            Low Pony Hunter

82              Pony Working Stake
                  (1st Rd Classic)

5                $300 Pony Classic (2nd Rd)


9:00am Start

9,302        2’0” Dev’t Hunter & Eq Fences

10       2’0” Dev’t u/s

9:50am Start

25       Sh Stirrup Pony Hunter u/s

304     2’3” Sh/Lg Stirrup Equitation

28       2’3” Sh/Lg Stirrup Hunter

24       2’3” Sh Stirrup Pony Hunter

308     2’3” Sh/Lg Stirrup Medal

11:10am Start

21       Pre Ch/Ad Hunter u/s

307     Pre Ch/Ad Equitation Flat

101     2’6” Low Hunter

20,306    2’6” Pre Ch/Ad Hunter & Eq Fences

12:30pm Start

89       2’9” Mod Ch/Ad Hunter u/s

320     Mod Ch/Ad Equitation Flat

106     2’9” Low Hunter

90       2’9” Mod Ch/Ad Hunter

340     2’9” Mod Ch/Ad Medal

1:50pm Start

57, 58     Poles on the Ground

59        Walk/Trot Equitation Flat

4          X-Rail Hunter u/s

301      X-Rail Equitation Flat

3, 300        X-Rail Hunter & Eq Fences

*Classes may start up to ½ Ahead of Start Times*                   Order of go for Grand Prix Ring on and you can sign up online for other Rings