Rocky Mountain Show Jumping

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Rocky Mountain Show Jumping provides over 20 tournaments each year from the grass roots to the FEI International level of the sport.



Closing date is April 20th for both Bow Valley Classic I and II.  We look forward to seeing everyone for the kickoff of our Summer Season.



REMINDER DRESSAGE RIDERS:  Our final Carrots & Cocktails tournament is scheduled for May 5th-6th.  Entries close April 28th.



Due to the trememdous response to our Winter Training Series IV tournament this weekend (April 21st-22nd), we are now completely sold out and are not accepting new entries or online class adds.  Thanks for your support!! This weekend's schedule is posted below:


     2018 RMSJ WINTER TRAINING SERIES IV  – April 21st & 22nd


Warm up 6:30am – 7:10am


Warm up 6:30am – 7:10am

7:30am Start

55/56    Poles on the Ground - Equitation
57.   Walk/Trot Equitation Flat

8:10am Start

1.     X-Rail Hunter
2.     X-Rail Hunter
3.     X-Rail Hunter (CANCELLED)
301. X-Rail Equitation on the Flat

10:35am Start

7      2’0” Hunter
8      2’0” Hunter
9      2’0” Hunter (CANCELLED)
303. 2’0” Equitation on the Flat

12:40pm Start

36.   Training Hunter 2’3”
37.   Training Hunter 2’3
26.   Short/Long Stirrup Hunter 2’3”
27.   Short/Long Stirrup Hunter 2’3”
29.   Short/Long Stirrup Hunter Under Saddle

3:20pm Start

11.   Training Hunter 2’6”
12.   Training Hunter 2’6”
18.   Pre Child/Adult Hunter
19.   Pre Child/Adult Hunter 2’6”
21.   Pre Child/Adult Hunter 2’6” u/s

6:20pm Start

15.   Training Hunter 2’9”
16.   Training Hunter 2’9”
86.   Modified Child/Ad Hunter 2’9”
87.   Modified Child/Ad Hunter 2’9”
89.   Modified Child/Ad Hunter 2’9” u/s

7:30pm Start

48           RMSJ Hunter u/s
79.          Child/Adult Hunter u/s
46/47    RMSJ Hunter 3’0”
76/77    Child/Adult Hunter 3’0”


            Best Dressed “Flower” Awarded


7:30am Start

400.       0.70m Clear Round
410.       0.70m Jumper (A2.2)

9:15am Start

401.       0.70m Clear Round (CANCELLED)
411.       0.70m Jumper (A2.1)

10:45am Start

402.       0.80m Clear Round
421.       0.80m Jumper (A2.2)

1:00pm Start

403         0.80m Clear Round (CANCELLED)
422.       0.80m Jumper (A2.1)

2:25pm Start

404.       0.90m Clear Round
428.       0.90m Jumper (A2.2)

4:35pm Start

405         0.90m Clear Round (CANCELLED)
429.       0.90m Jumper (A2.1)

5:30pm Start

406.       1.00m Clear Round
444.       1.00m Jumper (A2.2)

6:45pm Start
445.        1.00m Jumper (A2.2)

7:30pm Start

500.       1.10m Jumper (A2.2)
501.        1.10m Jumper (A2.1)



   Best Dressed “Flower” Awarded



**Overall Winter Training Series Championships Awarded at our April Tournament**